‘To the Girls’ is    an empowering digital sticker pack aimed at girls and young women,    featuring 34 designs by a selection of artists from our roster, with    profits from downloads donated to Girl Up, a UN Foundation initiative.


It’s the first of our studio projects art directed and produced by Grand Matter, and with it we aim to    encourage discussion    on    topics such as everyday confidence and ownership over one’s body. Phrases such as “free the nipple” and “my body my choice” were briefed to the artists, with the final edit offering a mix of playful and positive stickers not afraid to be bold and invite comment. Girl Up, are a charity ‘committed to uniting girls to change the world’, empowering adolescent girls around the globe by encouraging them to take action.


Purchase a sticker pack HERE.


Alice Bowsher
Owen Gildersleeve


Saskia Pomeroy
Toby Triumph
Alec Doherty