Toby Triumph for J&B Whiskey

J&B Whiskey have teamed up with Toby Triumph to create a short film celebrating their new pocket sized bottle, part of a range of pocket sized spirits released in Spain and South America.



The brief was to create a short film that celebrates the light hearted and lively character of the brand, with a bold and summery backdrop. Toby came up with the concept for the film starting with a storyboard, he then illustrated all of the elements and frames which were brought to life by animator Anita Gill.


Illustrated frames by Toby Triumph


The music was created especially for the film by Lost Machines, with a driving beat and summery tones along with energetic percussive accents and cuts that emphasise the fast pace and lively feel. Toby wanted the music to feel like a party in a city.



Illustration | Toby Triumph
Animation  | Anita Gill
Sound Design & Music | Lost Machines