We’re an artist   management agency with expertise in production and art direction. Our roster of artists are chosen for their grand ideas and creative tenacity, and work across a wide range of disciplines around the world.


We believe in matching the unique skills, passions and experience of our artists together with the right projects, to help communicate your purpose in the most compelling way. Like you, we recognise that the visual arts are a great medium for positive change, and we encourage meaningful creativity. 


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Meet the team
Dorcas Brown

Dorcas began her career in editorial publishing. As art editor for luxury travel and fashion guide SHOP magazine, she commissioned illustration and photography for their printed magazine and website. In 2014 she made the move from publishing to work for YCN, representing their member artists across a wide range of disciplines. As an agent she brings to Grand Matter an expert understanding of production and commissioning from the client-side.

Ciara Phelan

With a background in graphic design, Ciara has been pursuing her passion for collage illustration as a freelance artist since 2009, creating playful and dynamic pieces for the likes of the V&A, New York Times, Kiehls and Benefit Cosmetics. She has since co-founded the online gallery and shop Many Hands, and also launched ethical homeware brand Kith & Kin. As the founding director of Grand Matter she brings with her first-hand knowledge of the creative process.